Curriculum Highlights - March

      Please take some time to encourage your child to keep working towards his/her learning goals  during these last few months of school. Knowing that you believe strongly in the importance of their learning goes a long way in influencing the children’s attitude towards their education! How can you help to support this attitude? Check your child’s assignments each evening to make sure that they are completed and packed for the next day. Talk with your child about what we’re learning in school. Look for and sign the Weekly Report, which is usually sent home each Friday to let you know if your child’s work is being completed on time. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
    We’ll begin our preparations for the state MCA’s (coming up in April). We’ll practice strategies that will help the children to do their best work in the tests and we’ll complete a couple of practice tests so that they will be familiar with the format. Check our Student Resources page for online resources that your child can use to practice for the tests.

Math:  Our class has been working on fraction concepts. We’ll move on to geometry next and the children should be studying their notes (in their Geometry Study Packet) regularly. We’ll then revisit adding, subtracting and understanding numbers into the hundred thousands.  Please support your child in learning his/her math facts at home. Accuracy counts! These areas are big 3rd grade concepts and are assessed heavily in the state tests.

Reading:  We continue to emphasize identifying the important parts in the text to show understanding. We’re also practicing the use of literary devices (such as alliteration, imagery and figurative language) and text features to make inferences.

Social Studies/Language Arts:  Students have been comparing ancient civilizations to our modern-day lives. They have written comparative essays to show their learning, and will wrap up the unit with some oral presentations to share their findings. Then we look forward to our Mill City Museum visit to learn about changes in our Minneapolis community over the past couple of centuries.