Curriculum Highlights - April

After getting back into our routines, the children will dive right into the MCA reading exams starting next week. Testing dates for our class are posted on our school's testing link. It is important that your child is in school on testing days. In preparation for the tests, ensure that your child gets enough sleep each night, and a good breakfast each morning. The tests are quite rigorous, so do all you can to encourage your child to stay focused and do his/her best. This is the one chance this year that the children get to show the state all the deep thinking and hard work that they have done up till now! Check our Student Resources page for online resources that your child can use to practice for the tests.

Language Arts:  Our goal this quarter is to incorporate all the reading strategies that we have practiced throughout the year as we read various types of text. Our class will practice utilizing these strategies as the need arises for us to understand the text in deeper ways. Some strategies that we’ve worked on this year are visualizing, using background knowledge, clarifying, predicting & inferring, questioning and summarizing. We will incorporate our Social Studies learning on communities into our reading  by practicing comprehension and analysis of informational text.

Math:  There are many terms from our Geometry study packet that sudents had to memorize, so help them to review regularly. This month we’ll practice understanding and working with numbers to 100,000, then it’s on to algebra. We should have bulging brains by the time the math MCAs roll around!

Farmer Nelson Visit:  We look forward to our annual visit from Farmer Nelson and Perfect the Pig this month. The children will have the opportunity to learn some “hands-on” Consumer & Life Science lessons with the help of a “talking” piglet and interpretive help from Farmer Nelson.