We welcome volunteers in room 122 starting in October. In September, we focus on getting to know each other and getting to know the routines. Some of the possible volunteer opportunities include:

  • lunchroom helper*
  • hanging up art work*
  • working on phonics skills one on one*
  • helping students work during small reading groups*
  • class photographer*
  • field trips
  • "publishing books" (an at home project)
  • ripping math workbooks apart (an at home project)
  • putting file folder games together for small groups (an at home project)
  • putting together writing booklets (an at home project)




*Volunteers in the school will need to:

1.Read the MPS Policies and Procedures for  Volunteers and watch the Policies and Procedures video, available on DVD through our family liasion.

2.Complete the MPS Volunteer Information form and submit to school office.