The Home and School are Partners in Education

Education of your child requires teamwork between home and school. Both have responsibilities to carry out if a child is to become a successful learner.

The school has responsibilities to carry out in educating your child:

  • to provide an educational program that will be challenging and motivating, while keeping  basic skills as the central focus
  • to foster development of the skills and citizenship that are needed for living in our changing society
  • to maintain a safe school

As parents you also have responsibilities to carry out in educating your child:

  • to make sure your child comes to school daily and on time (unless s/he has a valid reason not to attend that day)
  • to make sure that your child gets enough sleep each night
  • to see that your child is dressed appropriately for school
  • to have a place at home where your child can do homework and read, free from distractions. 
Parent/Teacher Conferences

Once in the Fall Semester and once in the Spring Semester, you will be invited to attend a parent/teacher conference about your child.

It is important that you come to these conferences.

  • Hear how well your child is doing in school
  • Learn how to help with your child's progress
  • Get to know your child's teacher

At the conference you will:

  • Work with the teacher to develop an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for your child
  • Share your concerns for your child's education and assist in developing a plan to meet those needs.

Additional conferences/meetings may be scheduled with the teacher during the school year at either you or the teacher's request. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher at (612) 668-1600.

Information Day

Every other Wednesday is Information Day!  That means that you will receive the Waite Park Wildcat - our school newsletter.  The Wildcat is distributed to students in their classrooms and brought home for you to read.  You can have the Wildcat emailed to you by calling the office at 612-668-1600 and us know that you would prefer a paperless format.  To see past editions of the Wildcat, check out the ARCHIVES.