Katy Allison - SPEN K-2

Hi!  My name is Katy Allison, I've been at Waite Park since 2007.  I was a student at Waite Park as well.  I attended Waite Park Elementary from grades Kindergarten to 6th grade.  I have also worked at two other schools in the district.  I've been in the district on and off since 1994.  My undergratuate is from the University of MN and my graduate degree is from Augsburg University.  If you have any questions, you can reach me by calling 612-668-1600 or feel free to email me at: katie.allison@mpls.k12.mn.us.


We have two Educational Assistants that are part of our community in room 01.  Their names are Ms. Michelle and Ms. Briah.  These individuals are an important part of our community and support students academically, socially and behaviorally.