PTA Leadership Team

Waite Park PTA Officers 2018-2019


Jamie Jackson

Kara (3rd Grade: Nolde),Nina (1st Grade: Matthes)

I often tell people that my one true talent is whistling.

Cory Larson

Amelia 7th grade (NEMS), Aubrey - 5th Grade - Beasley ,Eddie - 3rd Grade - Nolde, Oscar - 2nd Grade - Miller

I grew up in NE and now live across the street from where I grew up.  I am a graduate of Waite Park in the early 90s back when it was only a grade 4-6 school and my mother graduated from Waite Park in the early 60s.

Vice president

LaTrice Daniel

Kailyx-3rd grade (Greisch), Brian 6th grade (NEMS)

I am planning a vacation or party in my head constantly.   


Hilary Sweeney

Ellington (4th grade - Monson), Caia (1st grade - Eilen), Hadler (future WP student) 

I was an award-winning belly flopper (in the 80s) 


Megan Troyer

Nora- 3rd grade (Nolde)

Although I minored in music in college, I'm just now learning to play the ukelele along with my 3rd grader.  

Manny Esguerra

Daniel (4th grade: Monson), Cat (2nd grade: Nelson)

When I was a kid I wanted to be a movie maker; I ended up as a neuroscience educator and researcher. I still make videos.

Communications Chair

Heather Stein

Zoey- 3rd grade (Greisch)

I enjoy trying food from various cultures around the world. I love watching my kids excitement grow to try new foods as well!

Fundraising Chair

Megan Sparks

Charlie - 4th grade (Boardman), Abby - 1st grade (Sheridan School)

Before kids, I was an avid rock climber. I've summited peaks in Utah, California, Nevada, Kentucky and most notably - Devils Tower in Wyoming.


Grants Chair

Allison LaBree

Zoe Whittlef-4th grade (Boardman)

I took 2nd place in a Pippi Longstocking look-alike contest in elementary school.