Spring Social


Spring Social tickets are now available for purchase on the Waite Park PTA Blog, don't miss the biggest event of the year!  Spring Social will be held on Saturday, April 22nd at 514 Studios, North Loop.

Spring Social classroom basket themes: 

112 Ms. Neville:  Chocolate and Coffee

122 Mr.Schultz: Superheroes

123 Ms. Swentko: Let's Cook

124 Ms. Bauer: Day At the Beach

119 Ms.Teeters: Family Movie Night

120 Ms. Carpenter: The Arts

121 Ms Matthes:  Legos

104 Ms. Monson:  Spa Day For Men and Women

105 Ms.Miller: Road Trip

107 Ms. Thompson: Life's A Garden

106 Ms. Wisniewski: Pokemon

108 Mr. Griesch: Legos

114 Mr. Nolde: Gone Fishing

113 Mr. Holm: Family Game Night

116 Ms. Glocker: Outside Activities

115 Ms. Harms: Sports

117 Mr. VandeBerg:  Camping/Picnic