These lessons are in conjunction with the state of Minnesota’s ITEM (Information and Technology Educators of Minnesota) Standards for 3-5th grade as well as the Focused Instruction goals for MPS:

"Technology Use and Concepts:  explore multiple technologies, evaluate their suitability for the desired educational or personal task, and apply the tools needed."  It addresses: using password security, as well as a username and password as directed by the teacher; understanding and using blogs and wikis, as well as posting comments. 

In the strand "Ethical Participation in a Global Society:  The student will participate productively in the global learning community and demonstrate safe, ethical, legal and responsible behavior in the use of information and technology" It addresses:
-Understand the privileges and responsibilities as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of their school
-Learn tools which protect their privacy and respect the privacy of others,
-Explain why private identity information should not be communicated without permission of a teacher or parent/guardian.
-Not use technology to bully, intimidate, malign or otherwise harass others
-Distinguish between online and face-to-face contacts and demonstrate safe behavior when communicating online.
-Demonstrate responsibility and respect for collaborative content"[i]

For further resources on the responsible and safe use of media and technology, visit Common Sense Media ( If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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